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Before your first visit This will be my first time in your clinic, how can I make an appointment? The easiest way is to use our online booking system on our website.

This applies for the first visit as well. You can also make an appointment by phone, e-mail or in person at the reception.

Adrenal Fatigue: Herbal Remedies to Fight Fatigue & Increase Brain Function

Only residents of the 7th district can make an appointment? In our clinic, care is not dependent on address, anyone can come to us regardless of where they live! What documents should I bring with me when I arrive at the clinic?

If your pet has already been treated in another clinic or had laboratory tests carried out on it for the disease in question, please bring the results of these tests with you. These documents may save unnecessary repeated examinations! I can only go the same vet every time?

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No, in our booking system you can always choose who you want to make an appointment to! Will anyone help me hold my pet during examination?

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Of course! As it is also important for the wellbeing of the pets how we handle them during certain procedures — to avoid causing fright, pain or excessive stress — we have experienced assistants to help us if necessary.

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My pet is particularly stressed in a clinic environment and is therefore often difficult to examine. Can I do anything about it? If your pet is difficult to handle and to examine, please consult us before your visit! We will assess the difficulty of the situation and advise you on how to safely perform the examination with the least possible stress for your pet!

A visit to the vet can often be a stressful experience for cats.

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That is why we have designed our clinic to minimise disturbing stimuli as much as possible. The separate cat-friendly waiting area and examination room have a comfortable temperature, adequate lighting and ventilation, and pheromone vaporisation to keep cats calm. Administration How are pet passports issued and validated? When issuing a passport, we will first check the data to be recorded in the passport, and then check the microchip of your pet.

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If your pet does not already have a microchip, we will implant one, as this is a requirement for the passport to be issued. We will then issue the passport — if necessary — within half an hour. The passport is valid for travel within the European Union. It is important to note that a valid rabies vaccination is required for travel and therefore for the passport as well!

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How can I change the microchip data? If you wish to change the microchip data — if the owner changes — you must present a contract of sale to modify the data! In other cases, i.

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Important information on examinations, surgical procedures involving sedation or general anaesthesia Can I book an appointment for a surgical procedure online? It is not possible to book an appointment online for procedures involving anaesthesia and sedation, as it is essential to discuss the details in person before choosing a date!

We recommend that you always book a presurgical examination before the surgery, where we can discuss the details of the procedure, carry out the necessary tests and also arrange the appointment! Is there anything I should do before my pet is anaesthetised? The previous evening: animals also need to fast before procedures involving sedation or general anaesthesia to prevent certain complications aspiration, aspiration pneumonia, suffocation….

The usual evening feedings can still take place, but from midnight onwards they must not be given any food or water!


On hot, summer days, it is enough to take the water away from your pet only hours before arriving at the clinic. Outdoor cats must be kept indoors overnight! Rather, they also have to deal with side effects and the high cost of maintaining these expensive drugs. These drugs Kérdezz felelek Oldalainkon a partnereink által szolgáltatott információk és árak tájékoztató jellegűek, melyek esetlegesen tartalmazhatnak téves információkat. A képek csak tájékoztató jellegűek és tartalmazhatnak tartozékokat, amelyek nem szerepelnek az alapcsomagban.

The primary outcome measure is the percentage of participants defined as responders for abdominal pain and stool consistency during at least 4 weeks in the 8-week blinded phase.

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Secondary outcome measures include stool frequency, stool consistency, abdominal pain, bloating, urgency, adequate relief, questionnaire scores and rescue medication use. Exploratory outcomes will be assessed in subsets of participants including qualitative and quantitative data on faecal microorganisms and biomarkers and gut-related measurements from magnetic resonance imaging data. A study design with blinded phase followed by an open-label phase was chosen to encourage participation and study completion.

Demonstrating that Enterosgel® is effective and safe in IBS-D could encourage adoption by patients and healthcare professionals and foster future clinical trials assessing its use in related conditions.

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Prospectively registered on 14 November The specific cause of the disorder is not fully understood [ 45 ], but among other factors may include genetic disposition, gut immune dysfunction, immune activation, gut dysbiosis, infective and dietary triggers and changes to gut permeability [ 6 — 8 ]. IBS is common worldwide, with an estimated prevalence globally of It occurs in all age groups, including children and the elderly, although it predominantly affects adults of working age.

The prevalence of each subtype can vary depending on the classification used. Overall healthcare costs for IBS are comparable to those of other chronic diseases with a similar prevalence, such as congestive heart failure, hypertension, asthma and migraine [ 16 ].

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IBS is a challenging condition to treat mainly as a result of its complex multi-factorial nature.