Real estate ID: 22234042

There is a luxury family house with panorama, terraced 3 storey, built 15 years ago which has an 1200 nm parked garden. There is a…
360 m² 6 Hálószoba / Bedroom 2 Fürdőszoba / Bathroom Details

Real estate ID: 22975798

Safety, silent, calmness and a full relaxation are waiting for you in Szépilona residential where you will surely enjoy swimming and wellness under demanding conditions.
67 m² 2 Hálószoba / Bedroom 1 Fürdőszoba / Bathroom Details

Real estate ID: 23067150

I highly recommend this family home to purchase because of its inherent value. This well-designed property which is for sale comes with an inner pool…
275 m² 5 Hálószoba / Bedroom 3 Fürdőszoba / Bathroom Details